Doctorate and Master´s degrees


For a Doctorate, the postgraduate must fulfil 36 credits and can incorporate the 24 credits done in the Masters (independent of the institutional origin). Compulsory credits solely include common core subjects (six credits) with the remaining six credits being obtained through elective courses, according to criteria previously indicated for the Master’s Degree.

Curricular structure



Upon entering the Master's Degree, the postgraduate student is to complete 24 credits (1 credit = 15 class hours). Mandatory credits (11) include subjects related to the areas of concentration (8 credits) and common core subjects (3 credits). Electives can be fulfilled at the PPGBV or, respecting a maximum of one third of elective credits, in other programs. This choice is widely encouraged and utilized by a good portion of the student body as an indispensable tool for scientific exchange. This set of credits facilitates the formation of a professional with a well-defined and competitive profile.

Curricular structure