Research projects conducted by teachers and students are carried out in the laboratories under the responsibility of the teaching staff that operate in the PPGBV. These laboratories are located in the Botany, Biochemistry and Genetics departments at UFPE, in addition to the laboratories that are linked to associate professors of UFRPE and UFPB.

The Program at the Department of Botany has ten research laboratories, totalling an area of about 500 square meters.

Experiments are carried out in the greenhouse on ecology, ecophysiology, reproductive biology, along with housing collections of live plants.

The UFP Herbarium, founded and indexed in 1968, currently has ca. 60,000 recorded samples, mainly representative of the flora of Northeastern Brazil. The collection has 86 types among Holotypes and Isotypes with 9 cryptogamic and 75 phanerogamic made available for online consultation through INCT Virtual Herbarium of Brazilian Flora and Fungus. Among these, ten types of Prof. Dr. Geraldo Mariz’s Clusiaceae are highlighted, as well as 23 Bromeliaceae and 13 Orchidaceae, followed by Alliaceae, Aristolochiaceae, Cyperaceae, Euphorbiaceae, Fabaceae/Leguminosae, Gesneriaceae, Maranthaceae, Myrtaceae, Ochnaceae, Podostemaceae, Salicaceae, Scrophulariaceae, Solanaceae, Triuridaceae, Lejeuneaceae, Parmeliaceae and Cyatheaceae. 

Curator: Marlene Carvalho de Alencar Barbosa

Email: marlenealencar@yahoo.com.br
Phone: (55) (81) 2126-8847

The PPGBV is served by the Sectorial Library of the CB that, in addition to the general collection in Biological Sciences (including titles on Botany and Plant Ecology) houses the Documentation Centre in Plants (NUDOC). NUDOC's collection has around 5,000 volumes including books, theses, dissertations, monographs, dictionaries and scientific journals. The teaching staff and students also make use of the other sectoral libraries of the University, which offer a wide collection that includes several sciences related to Plant Biology.

Class and study rooms
The PPGBV has three classrooms equipped with complete audio-visual equipment. A study room is also available that can be used to host guest teachers. It is important to note that all the rooms in the program have internet access through installed points or a wireless network.