The Program

The Postgraduate Program in Plant Biology (PPGBV) is linked to the Botany Department of the Biosciences Centre  of the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE). Its activities began in 1992 with the Masters in Plant Biology. The implementation of the Doctorate took place in 1998.

The Program is organized in two areas of concentration and five research topics. The PPGBV's foremost objective is the full training of human resources qualified in the areas of Systematics and Evolution and Ecology and Conservation, empowering the trained professional to develop teaching, research and outreach activities.

The PPGBV is a program with a vocation for the studies and training of human resources focused on the science of biodiversity, which involves characterization (systematics and taxonomy), ecology, the use and conservation of plant biodiversity, an agenda that deals with issues from an international audience and National strategic importance in the field of Science & Technology.

With a concept 6 by CAPES, the Program is already the main nationwide reference for this agenda with regard to biodiversity housed in the northeastern ecosystems, a fact evidenced by the publication of books and reference articles on the natural history and conservation of these environments, some of which are award winning.