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The Plant Biology Graduate Program: Doctorate and Masters degrees

The Plant Biology Graduate Program provides graduate and undergraduate training in Biology of Plants. The Program allows students to select two Areas: 1) Systematics and Evolution and 2) Ecology and Conservation.  A transversal line, Applied Botany and Ethnobotany, is common to both Areas. The diverse areas with focus in Taxonomy and Molecular Phylogeny, Cytogenetics and Cytotaxonomy, Ecology of Populations and Communities, Ecophysiology and Anatomy, and Pytochemistry and Ethnobotany permit full training of human resources qualified to work on several level of modern Plant Biology. 

It is advisable to contact a Professor for supervision.

The applications to admission in Programs is off.

Please, wait for a new call in September 2020!


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Postgraduate Program in Plant Biology at the Federal University of Pernambuco.